Wealth Bridge Trading Co. Ltd.


The objective of Wealth Bridge is to supply high quality building materials and service excellence directed at assisting the development of Hong Kong’s Construction Industry and thereby contribute positively to the society.

Over the last two decades, with the ongoing support from our customers and our dedicated staff, Wealth Bridge has undergone significant expansion. Wealth Bridge continues to this day to follow its founding ethos:


Bringing Wealth to the Community

is our Bridge to Success


Corporate Profile

Wealth Bridge Trading Company Limited was established in 1995. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Everbest Logistics Company Limited, a renowned company specialized on logistics with domicile in Hong Kong. 

Wealth Bridge has become the sole agent and distributor of prominent cement manufacturers, including Green Island, China Resources, Hong Kong Cement, etc. It has also developed and created its own brands of building materials, for instance, Prosper quartz sand, Prosper hydrated lime powder, Falk Country concrete blocks and AAC blocks.

 “Ensuring Superior Product Quality and Surpassing Customer Service” is the persistent tenet of Wealth Bridge. Under the Group’s well-developed logistic infrastructure, the use of modern and appropriate equipment, and combined with its highly skilled staff, the company is able to maintain the integrity of top quality products throughout the transit process from factory to customer.

A double quality control system is implemented to monitor the overall quality of products. Quality audits are routinely conducted at production sites but the company also imposes secondary tier regular random examinations on products before delivery takes place. This ensures every single delivered product is of the highest possible standard. 

Wealth Bridge continues to evolve its transportation management system to improve and maintain the efficiency of the delivery service. In 1997, the company was awarded the “ISO 9000” certification in Service Quality. By enhancing the efficiency of our administration, losses incurred during transportation are minimized. 

Wealth Bridge has a strong focus on environmental protection issues. It implements green policies by reducing the use of natural resources and enhancing energy efficiency. The company also applies its green ethics in product packaging. For example, a pallet-free packaging design is developed for supporting and transporting concrete blocks that reduces the use of woods and minimizes wastage and cost. 

Slings are applied in loading and delivery of packaged products. This helps save manpower and costs, and reduces the frequency of damaged goods and thus wastage, which can potentially contribute to pollution. Moreover, bulk cement is highly recommended to customers. Not only because it reduces used packaging, associated with waste and negative environmental impact, but also it helps to enhance transport efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.

Further, to contribute to a more green environment, the company encourages the “3Rs”concept — "Reduce, Reuse and Recycle”, which is particularly applicable to office paper consumption.

Performance Pledge 

To pursue Wealth Bridge’s tenet of “Ensuring Superior Product Quality and Surpassing Customer Service”, the company is committed to:

  1. Supplying the best quality and most competitively priced building materials.

  2. Ensuring the process of production and transportation abides by the industrial safety ordinance in Hong Kong and is environmentally sound.

  3. Providing fast, reliable and on-time transportation services and avoiding product damages in transit.

  4. Improving service quality and enhancing efficiency constantly.

  5. Expanding the product range of building materials and providing customers with more comprehensive services.

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